Click here to download the 2017-2018 enrollment packet.

Registration Fees 2017-2018
Note: Registration fees are non-refundable.

Feb 1 – March 31$175.00 per family-returning students
$225.00 per family-new students
April 1 – May 31    $350.00 per family
Beginning June 1   $375.00 per family


                                       Book Fee         Tuition             Tuition per Month
                                      (Due by July 10th                               10 Months              12 Months

K-4                                    $100              $3,200              $320.00                      N/A

K-5                                    $150              $3,400              $340.00                     $266.67

Grades 1-5                       $275               $3,650              $365.00                    $304.17

Grades 6-12                     $300              $3,900             $390.00                    $325.00



Multi-student Discount

There is a 10% discount on tuition for each additional child in the same family after the oldest child is registered.  This discount only applies to the monthly tuition charges. All other fees for books, lunches, special classes or outings, are not discounted and must be paid in full.



Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition is paid on a 10 or 12 month schedule beginning in August.  Payments are due by the 1st of each month.
There will be $25.00 late fee added to your account for each tuition payment that is not received by the 10thof each month.  If tuition is still not paid by the last day of the month, a second $25.00 late fee will be added to your account. Students whose tuition payments are greater than thirty days past due will not be allowed to attend classes, extended school care, or extracurricular activities until all past due amounts, including applicable late fees, are paid in full.



Additional Fees

New Student Testing Fee –          $25.00 per student (If applicable)
Achievement Test Fee –                $45.00 (1st – 11thgrade)
Sports Fee –                                     $150.00 per student, per sport
Withdrawal Fee –                           $150.00 per student
Science Lab Fee –                           $50.00 per student (7th – 12th grade)  Due by September 1st
K-5 Graduation Fee –                    $40.00 per student  Due by February 1st
P.E. Uniform Fee –                        $25.00 per set  (6th – 12th grade)
Extended School Care Fee           $6.00 per student, per hour